Monday, July 28, 2008

'The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe,' Gershon David Hundert, editor in chief - Los Angeles Times
A Hasid and A Heretic: On Changing Views after Marriage
Hasidism for Dummies
Torat Ezra: Gedolim
Abandoning Eden: Dad's (not suprising) response
Urban Studies - Closing Up Shop - Midtown Dress Shop to Close -
Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity: Novominkser Rebbe, shlita - don't bring up these long forgotten issues.
Hasidic women address story - - The Times Herald Record
Toto: Judaism is Dying Redux
Toto: Judaism is Dying
Does Israeli Equal Jew? On a Shared Israeli Identity
Jeanette Friedman » Blog Archive » Memory, Liturgy and the Holocaust
Guest Column: 'Who is a Jew' once again Columnists Jerusalem Post
Gulfnews: Jack Straw - a Jewish Prime Minister?
For Jews, tattoo yearning pits pride against faith

Thursday, July 24, 2008

1000 Frum Blogs
God Plays Dice: Population densities vary over nine orders of magnitude
Odessa Hasidic Community Protests Construction on the Site of a Nazi Mass Killing « Voices from Russia
Invoking Rosa Parks, Haredi Women Move to Back of the Bus -"
The Bokhers of Summer -"
Jewish And Breaking News: MP3 players kosher for Charedim but not MP4s
eHarmony, Meet Fiddler on the Roof - TIME
Blogger Focuses on Orthodox Foibles -"
Nextbook: Writing in the Dark: Why an Orthodox novelist shuns Orthodox publishers"
Nextbook: The Journalist and the Murderer
July/August 2008-Gangsters: Gangsters, Genes, Guns & Gamblers
Billionaires Back Antismoking Effort -